Interpretive guide training

Photo: Han Ola Østby/Norske Parker

For unique, enjoyable and memorable talks and walks

I offer professional training for all those who engage with visitors at heritage sites, such as guides, site managers and museum curators, etc.

From a 40-hour interpretive guide course, certified by Interpret Europe, to half-day/day-long workshops and short tasters, I use a hands-on “learning-by-doing” approach packed with practical exercises and some theory too. Participants learn and master practical communications tools and techniques to deliver great creative talks and walks on natural or cultural heritage.  

I can also provide bespoke interventions, critiquing, evaluation and mentoring to review and enhance existing visitor guiding programmes.

Please contact me with your requirement and I can propose a personalised response.

Interpretive guiding learning outcomes:

• Facilitating first-hand experiences with natural and cultural heritage sites and objects
• Dealing with tangible and intangible heritage
• Revealing meanings and relationships of natural and cultural phenomena
• Deriving attracting themes from sites, objects and factual information
• Reacting to the needs and expectations of participants during interpretive activities 
• Playing different roles as an interpretive guide
• Using questioning techniques and other communication tools
• Exercising forms of group formation and the use of props 
• Relating information to the visitor’s own world and experiences 
• Considering the meaning of barriers and interferences in interpretive processes 
• Peer coaching and critiquing interpretive activities 
• Building aspects of sustainability and global concerns into interpretive activities