Visitor experiences with a difference

Have you ever visited a site or a place and felt a special connection from what you saw or heard?

Your guide or the written/oral media on-site were probably using interpretive techniques to make it such a positive experience.

Heritage interpretation is a communication method that brings sites and places to life in a way that people can easily appreciate and relate to them. It expands on facts and explanations to trigger thoughts and emotions for truly unique, memorable and informative visitor experiences.

Interpretation is a word with many connotations. “Open to interpretation” reflects the fact that people perceive their environment in their own way, guided by their mood, interests, experiences and education.

So, by using interpretive techniques, you can not only engage a diverse audience but also showcase what is special about your site or place.

Interpretation isn’t ‘dumbing down’ heritage. It simply communicates the values of your sites or places in an accessible and meaningful way for maximum enjoyment and understanding!

Whether you specialise in nature conservation, cultural, industrial or sensitive heritage, etc. we can add a flair to your visitor offer. We can help you stand out from the crowd and tap into the growing trend for more meaningful and value-added experiences where people want to learn, to be entertained and to be inspired.

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