Hans Ola Østby/Norske Parker

Sandy Colvine – 30 years’ experience pursuing a passion for people and their bond with the environment

• Versatile: Past experience in the UK and France working the in the public, NGO and now private sector as a self-employed bilingual consultant and trainer
• Broad experience: Tourism, local (rural) development, heritage restoration and community projects consistently focusing on the relationship between people and the land
• Nature and culture: Some separate the two but for me they are indissociable. My focus is all about people and places – the building blocks of our remarkable historic environment
• Committed to sustainability: Learning from the past to reflect on the present and consider our future is key to my approach to heritage
• Competent communicator: Getting your message across is one thing but connecting with the public is quite another. I believe in the power of words
• Qualified: Post Dip in Interpretation Management & Practice from University of Highlands & Islands (2021)
• Experienced trainer: Extensive experience in delivering asters, workshops and certification courses promoting interpretive methods and techniques.
• Enthusiastic and creative: I love what I do and to share it with others. I am able to seize the sense of a place and propose novel solutions for visitor experiences
• A European perspective: My British and French culture plus decades working throughout Europe, from Norway to Greece, gives me a wide range of examples and experiences to draw on.