Do you understand?

To understand something, we can objectify it, to regard it as an object and give a logical description with facts that are universally true, not imagined. For example, H2O is the chemical formula for water.  Yet, understanding is not just knowing the facts, it’s about knowing the “why” behind those facts. Experiencing something first-hand is the […]

Provocation with a capital P

“We are all eco-terrorists!” The striking message in capital letters in green paint on the concrete road barrier receded in my rear-view mirror as I drove home but it stuck in my mind. The message was a wry riposte by supporters of the French environmental movement, “Les Soulevements de la Terre” to the French Home […]

Seeking out synergies between words and images

Is a picture is worth a thousand words? Any self-respecting interpreter would certainly think so, yet conveying complex concepts, messages and thoughts often requires short narratives to get to the heart of the matter. That was the challenge set to an enthusiastic group of French and German history students at an experimental workshop jointly delivered […]

Sharing Slavonian heritage for tourism in Croatia

The town of Pleternica in Eastern Croatia, is home to a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of Bećarac, a popular tradition of music and singing, often humorous and teasing, rooted in Slavonian culture. The brand new Museum of Bećarac showcases this heritage and the town is keen to expand its tourism offer building on this success […]

Meaning-making in Norway

The Norwegian Parks Association is investing in interpretation to not only promote its regional parks to domestic and foreign visitors but also to celebrate local heritage and culture in a more meaningful way that simple commercial products or services to sell. That’s why it invited Sandy Colvine to teach an Interpret Europe certified interpretive guiding […]

Interpretive guide training in the Mercantour National Park (FR)

Sandy Colvine recently delivered the final part of a 40-hour interpretive guide course certified by Interpret Europe to an enthusiastic and determined group of mountain and hiking guides, environmental education experts and park rangers working in the Mercantour National Park. Heritage interpretation is still quite rare in France but the Mercantour NP is championing interpretation […]